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Residential Design: Cincinnati, Ohio


This is an unbuilt design project, undertaken for the practice of studying design at the residential scale.




 Influential Sketch









Existing Conditions


Climactic Conditions: Cincinnati Ohio


With an average yearly temperature of 54.65°(F), Cincinnati has a April 13-October 23 growing season and is located in a cool temperate moist forest. (1).


Planting Zone 6b



Low Temp: -5 to 0°(F) 

Rainfall: 42.24''

Sunny Days: 176

Altitude: 554'



Average     Jan       Feb       Mar       Apr       May      Jun        Jul         Aug     Sep       Oct        Nov      Dec


High 40°F 44°F 55°F 66°F 74°F 82°F 86°F 84°F 78°F 66°F 54°F 44°F
Temp. 31°F 34°F 44°F 54°F 64°F 72°F 76°F 74°F 67°F 55°F 45°F 35°F
Low 25°F 27°F 35°F 45°F 54°F 63°F 67°F 65°F 57°F 46°F 37°F 29°F



Climate Chart Cincinnati Ohio



Data From © WeatherSpark.com



Site Analysis

Existing Conditions: Poor drainage along the front of the lawn, Poor drainage around the back area of the lawn, Window pits along back of house potentially hazardous. Exposed views to neighbors on North, South and West sides Large hedge in front yard blocks views.


Opportunities: Improve site line along the front of the house, take advantage of strong horizontality along the front of the house, consider bios-wale and intorudction of ecological infrastructures and provision of pollinator habitats. Regrade lawn. Integrate circulation with drifts of plants. Utilize plants to provide privacy at neighbors' viewline. Enhance views and sitelines, add program for grand children as requested by client.




Concept Statement: The design seeks to resolve the programmatic and technical issues with an introduction of landscape elements which both create desired program and enhance atmospheric dimensions of the space. The design employs the design concept of modernistic naturalism (1), eveloping the space with drifts of grasses.

Study sketches explored forms, materials, and ideas, considering art historical periods to influence various typologies of space.


Edge delineating lawn from forested area, weaving path.


Rustic Naturalism


Neoclassical Sketch




Geometric Naturalistic Sketch





Chosen Form: Brick Edge, delineating lawn from forested area.






Plant Selection

Selection of plants appropriate for each area within the residence, providing a mix of structural woody plants, herbaceceous and perennials. Selection made takes note of bloom time in order to maximize ecosystem functionality throughout the season.

Along the back and side.







1. Dunnett, Nigel. Naturalistic planting design: the essential guide. Filbert Press, 2019.



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